My hands at poetry- 1

One wrong move and it was all over

Helpless I stood trying to get just a glance

How wrong I could’ve been

Thought I was in with a chance

Not too long ago

Probably a summer back or two

All looked lucent

Fairytales do exist

She is the one

On loop in my mind

It had to be her

I had no plan b,c or d

Flirty exchanges, raised brows

The paparazzi the grapevine

Good recipe for a desi flick

I thought i had a great story to tell

Then one day the bomb dropped

“He is my bae”

All over before it had even begun

It was an easy choice for her

To keep me as her wingman

I obliged

With a broken heart

Knew I’d never

Get another go

At a girl as pretty as her

Move on or curse my luck

A decision I need to take

Rather quick.I am shattered.


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